In a previous article, we showed you how to list your nutrition services on Fuel My Performance. 

The next step, is to advertise them and get the sign up landing pages in-front of current and potential clients to sign up to. 

Step 1: Click tools in the main menu, followed by my services. Here, you'll see your nutrition services listed. 

Step 2: To view the service landing pages, click view in the public URL column. 

Step 3: Your service landing page includes information about the service as well as information about you, the nutritionist. So it's important that the information you provide accurately reflects the service! 

Step 4: On the right, your clients (to be) can subscribe and pay for your nutrition service. 

Step 5: If they do not already have an account. they'll be asked to create one.  

Step 6: Once your client has signed in or created a new account, they'll be requested to make payment. 

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