Advertising and accepting payments for your nutrition services is pretty important when it comes to running a nutrition business. 

Fuel My Performance is not just a meal planning/recipe hub, it's a business tool that enables nutritionists to advertise and accept payments from their clients through the software, pretty smart right? 

What nutrition services should I list?

Here are some examples of some of the types of services nutritionists list on Fuel My Performance:

  • One-off consultations (telephone, in person or video call)
  • Nutrition coaching bundles (consultation, food diary analysis, weekly coaching)
  • Private membership groups (aimed at targeted specific groups of people such as runners, triathletes, boxers etc). 

Let's list your first nutrition service

Step 1: In the main menu, click tools followed by my services.

Step 2: If you intend on accepting payments through Fuel My Performance, now's the time to connect with Stripe. Give this article a read now and then head back here to finish listing your first service. 

Step 3: Click the green + add new button. On the left, select what type of service you would like to create (free, subscription or one-off). 

Step 4: Complete the following details for your new service: 

  • Title, quick description and full service details. 
  • Configure: In configure, set the service visibility. An example of where you might keep a service private is if it's been made specifically for a client and their billing is different to everyone else. Also tell your clients how long the service lasts for. Is it a one-off consultation or a 12 week nutrition coaching programme? 
  • Billing: For subscription and one-off services, be in control of the total amount and how often clients pay for your service. Fuel My Performance has integrated with Stripe (a secure payment gateway) and enabling nutritionists to collect and manage payments easily. Find out more on connecting with Stripe and accepting payments here.
  • Advanced options: Here you tailor the plan with auto-accept and auto-welcome messages. You can also automatically assign documents to your new clients when they sign up to your service.
  • Click the green save button when you're done. 

Step 5: Your new nutrition service appear in the my services page. Find out more about advertising your services and accepting payments here.

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