There are two ways you can add new clients on Fuel My Performance. 

  1. You create their account in the client management tools. 
  2. You send them the nutrition service landing page to join. 

Method one: create a new client via client management

Step 1: Access your client management by clicking on clients in the main menu. If you have group functionality available, click manage followed by clients

Step 2: Click add new client. 

Step 3: Enter your clients first name, surname and email address

Step 2: You will now need to connect your client to a nutrition service. If you've not already done so, view this article we wrote on how to create your nutrition services on Fuel My Performance. If the service involves making payment and you would like to accept payment via Fuel My Performance, please also make sure that you've integrated your account with Stripe.

Step 3: To give your client(s) access to Fuel My Performance and the client app, please tick the checkbox 'give clients access'. This will ensure an activation email is sent to the email address (as shown below). Please note, if your client is unable to find this email, it is very likely that it has landed in their junk or spam folder.

Step 4: Your client will click activate account. They will then be required to complete their account registration by creating a password. 

Method two: send a client your nutrition service landing page 

Your nutrition service landing page looks like this:

Step 1: copy the service URL.

Step 2: You can share the sign up URL to your social media or it can be linked to your webpage. You can also send them directly to your client(s). 

Step 3: If your future client does not already have a Fuel My Performance account, they will be prompted to sign up.  

Step 4: Once your client has signed in or created a new account, they'll be requested to make payment (if the service requires payment). 

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