Meal planning has traditionally been a time consuming task. We've simplified the process and made it easy for you to share your meal plans with your clients.

Overview of meal plan templates

  • Access meal plan templates via tools in the main menu. 
  • Tag templates based on the type of day they're suitable for (e.g. competition day or rest day). 
  • There are three ways to make meal plan templates available to your clients (share, assign, export to PDF). 
  • Share: this makes the meal plan template available to your client(s) to find in the app. 
  • Assign: this enables you to assign a meal plan template to your client(s) on a specific day. E.g. you've built a meal plan suitable for marathon running and you'd like to assign it to your client on Sunday 2nd June. 
  • Export to PDF: for when you or your client(s) require a hard copy.   

How to build a meal plan template

Step 1: In the main menu, click tools followed by meal plan templates.

Step 2: Now that you're on the meal plan templates page, click the green create template button. 

Step 3: Give your new meal plan template a name and description. Click save when you're done. 

Step 4: You can build 7 days in a meal plan. This might be used if you're building a typical Monday to Friday meal plan that your client may follow each week. Navigate between the days using the tabs as highlighted below. 

Step 5: You can mark what type of day the meal plan template is suitable for in the edit menu. Select from the list of day types. 

Step 6: Let's start building your meal plan. Click + add block. Let's call it breakfast and then give it a time, say, 7am

Step 7: Next click + add food. A pop-up will appear, here you can search foods and recipes and choose whether to allocate them to a block or a new time. 

Step 8: Let's say you'd like to change some of the ingredients in the recipe. Simply click modify ingredients and a new page will appear. Here you can change the name of the recipe and remove/add ingredients. When modifying recipes, it will always give credit to the original recipe author (that prevents people from stealing and claiming recipes as their own). 

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